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A story of PASSION


Our desire to protect and shower unconditional love makes us want to make better decisions when it comes to our children's well-being and happiness.

My name is Akanksha, and I am the curator and founder of this very passionate brand  Tickle Tickle Organic Essentials.


After a lot of research and facing hurdles as parents ourselves, it was hard to find genuine organic-comfort fit-gender neutral and most importantly affordable clothing without any plastic packaging for our little tickle.

Learning that there is a gap in kid’s capsule wardrobe, we created a brand of essential clothing that eliminates chemical dyes and curates’ clothes that treats sustainability not as a phase but makes it our lifestyle and our motto.

Tickle Tickle was also started with an intent to create awareness that although there is no direct correlation, wearing organic and sustainable is just as important as organic food!


We don’t do fancy, fast fashion or fade.

Our pieces are evergreen, very comfortable, worn daily across all seasons and last really long due to the absence of dyes.


When it comes to their health, future and our environment, it pays to be a conscious consumer.

After all, “Clothes are not going to change the world, the people who wear them will

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