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Did you know Organic Cotton is just as important as Organic Food?

Skin is the largest organ in our body and cotton when conventionally grown is highly chemical and pesticide intensive. These chemicals are present in large quantities in the clothing your wear, the sheets you sleep on, the diapers you put on your baby and even some of the food you eat (containing seed oil).


Just because you can't see it doesn't mean its not affecting our health and lifestyle.

Wet grass
Cotton Field


​Organic Cotton is cotton grown safely and processed without toxic dyes and finishing materials.

Globally certified bodies such as Global Organic Textile Standards and OEKO-TEX ® ensure that the farmlands grow cotton without toxic substances and follow stringent standards such as;

  • Less water consumption and use of recycled water

  • Better waste management and reduction.

  • Fair wages to our hardworking farmers and better livelihood to their families                    


We will always use 100% Global Organic Textile Standard or OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton

  • When you purchase our essentials, you will be buying clothing that does not have harmful chemicals, bleaches, or dangerous dyes.

  • Our essential wear since its not broken down by harsh chemicals, last really long and wash incredibly well.

  • We have kept their comfort as most important, hence there are NO TAGS or LABELS on the inside of the garment to irritate your Lil' Tickle's sensitive skin.

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